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NEW is a magic word. It does not automatically mean ‘better’ … As a company, you are successful if you operate from within your administration. And from the interest of society. That is ‘responsible business’.

Our example:

Organizations build brand new offices between vacant offices. Because: “new is more efficient and effective!”Looking for a new office, I came in contact with the Protestant Congregation THOMAS. At the first viewing of their church in Hauwert, I discovered that this space could function much more efficiently and effectively than the construction of a new office. We do business efficiently there, because we can make good use of all the space. And effective, because the special atmosphere of the church leads to a better output. Better for our company. And better for society.

That is responsible business.

drs. Pieter J. Nes – owner nes account at the office in the Witte Kerkje in Hauwert